I’ve pinpointed one Core Desired Feeling so far

And it is:


I want to feel worthy . . . of all the life, exuberance, passion, happiness, beauty, and pain that surrounds me.

I want that feeling of blessed clarity when you know and understand where you stand, and you feel worthy.


desire mapping my way to personal salvation

Currently: Liberating my mind, freeing my soul. Reintroducing my heart to my mind. Realigning goals with desires.

Courtesy of Danielle Laporte and The Desire Map.

#desiremapping my heart out

how to stay positive when you’re incredibly angry

Before you go to bed tonight, take the time to sit down with a pen and paper. <– Seriously, nix typing this on the computer, and ditch the tablet and smartphone. There’s something insanely cathartic about doing this completely by hand.

Make a list of no less than five things that were happy, positive, or just otherwise didn’t fucking suck (a positive outlook has to begin somewhere, right?) that happened today. Bonus points if you can come up with a list of non-shitty things the object of your anger did.

Do this every night, or at least a few times a week.

Feel the anger dissipate. You don’t have to forgive to understand, and understanding will help you to move on and make the best decisions for you.

Let your actions speak

You know when you’re angry? After you’re lied to and/or betrayed? You know how so often, you end up playing the blame game, and shit just gets worse?

It’s time to stop.


It’s hard as hell, but fighting doesn’t work, right? If you’re past the point of reasoning like two reasonable adults, then quit it with the never-ending vocal vomit, and let your actions speak.

Nobody likes being put on blast (whether the fucker deserves it or not), so continuously reminding the other person of his or her misdeeds will most likely not have the intended effect.

It’s not really the best tactic for resolving a relationship problem.

Focus on yourself, and don’t let your anger, anguish, and pain control you.

Let your pain and anger control you, and you lose.

Be the better person, and let it show through your actions.